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Spa in Montecatini

The Waters of Montecatini belong to the salt-sulphated water type, being mostly constituted by sodium and magnesium sulphates and chlorides. They also contain iodine, bromine, lithium, calcium, potassium, silicon, phosphates and sulphur.
The waters used for our hydropinic therapy are divided as follows :
  • Strong waters: Leopoldina (fixed residue 21g/l)
  • Medium waters: Regina (fixed residue 17-18 g/l)
  • Weak waters: Rinfresco & Tettuccio (fixed residue 4.9-7.5 g/l)
The waters used for baths, mud treatments, thermal showers, hydro-massages, inhalations are the following:
  • Leopoldina (slightly sulphureous: fixed residue 21g/l)
  • Rinfresco (fixed residue 4.9 g/l )

Montecatini Spa presents a complete offer of thermal treatments (hydropinic therapy, mud treatments, mud-bath treatments, inhalations and thermal rehabilitation treatments) as the true and natural answer to prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of serious pathologies.
A complete package of natural therapies that meet your requirements of feeling well, relaxed and in good shape.

- Hydropinic Therapy
- Inhalation Therapy
- Balneotherapy
- Thermal Mud Treatment
- Epathobiliary Therapy
- Masso-therapy - Physiotherapy
- Physical and Rehabilitative Therapies – Terme Redi

Terme Tettuccio ( 200 meters from  the Hotel)

Considered the symbol of the town and its glorious past, Terme Tettuccio is not only the oldest thermal establishment but a true focus of beauty, to such an extent as to receive the name of “Temple of the European Thermal Energy”. Its stateliness and the beauty of its internal decorations represent the highest expression of the thermal architecture in Montecatini. It had been known since 1300 as “Bagno Nuovo” and received its present name from the roof that would cover the mineral water spring. After undergoing several modifications of its structure, in 1919 it assumed its actual form through the project by Architect Giovannozzi. The most recent parts that were built are also very important: “Sala di soggiorno” by Architect Nencini and “Sala Portoghesi” by the Roman Architect from whom it is named. At the entrance is a very impressive shell-shaped fountain with the water gushing out from it. Experts say that the physiological value of this water is very high. Tettuccio water is used for hydropinic therapy and is considered to be “light” and slightly hypotonic. Its composition is comparable to that of organic liquids and can carry out a stimulating action, mostly for the liver.

Terme Redi ( 50 meters from  the Hotel)

Named after Francesco Redi, a versatile scholar who is considered one of the founders of modern medicine and biology and strong advocate of the extraordinary properties of our Montecatini waters. The building has been recently renovated and houses 66 rooms for mud and bath treatments, hydro-massages, ozonated bath therapy, masso-therapy and physiotherapy. It also offers the brand-new inhalation therapy department, and another department divided into three parts, with bathtubs, couches and advanced equipment specially made for Terme di Montecatini.

Terme Excelsior (  50 meters from the Hotel)

Its transformation from Grand Cafè and Town Casino into a thermal spa establishment dates back to 1915, upon a project by Architect Giovannozzi. The existing large and elegant Art Nouveau style hall was an important meeting point and the place where cultural events would take place: the project was designed and built by Architect Bernardini from 1905 to 1909. Architect Giovannozzi added a building devoted to all the other thermal treatments besides the hydropinic one and decided to keep it open all year round. The corrosive action of time and the need to renew the systems later led to the demolishment of the neo-sixteenth century building by Giovannozzi. In 1968, five years after the announcement of an international competition, a modern 4-storey block was inaugurated. On the ground floor, there is a large hall for hydropinic therapies; at the first floor are our Wellness Centre and the other two floors house the equipment for mud, bath and inhalation treatments.

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